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Where is Mecca/Makkah on a map/globe?

Linked to your Geography learning, can you find where Mecca (sometimes spelt Makkah) is on a map/globe? 

  • Is it close to the equator
  • Which country is it in?
  • What do you think the weather is like there?
  • What would you need to take with you if you were going on a journey to somewhere hot?

Muslims travelling to Mecca might take: Hajj robes, map of Makkah (Mecca), the Qu’ran, small stones, spring water, umbrella and a picture of the Grand mosque in Makkah.


Have a watch of this video clip


Imagine that you could visit one place on earth, wherever you choose, to help you become a better human being.  Where would you go and why?  The North Pole, the Amazon Rainforest or a tiny island might work better to make you a better person than a trip to Disneyland!



Assembly from: Rev Daniel Corcoran

Community and Mission Priest, Faversham Benefice