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VE Day


VE Day (Victory in Europe Day)

This Friday 7 May is VE day. I have attached a picture below showing the end of WW2. Discuss this picture with a grown-up and talk about what you can see. VE day is a celebration of the World War 2 being over in Europe.


This lockdown will also end one day and we might be able to have a celebration day for it too.

Maybe you could plan a VE day celebration.



This picture shows a street party.  They had banners, flags, flowers and food, music and dancing.

You could create some flags, bravery medals, poppies or other flowers. 

Maybe you could make blue and red poppies - blue poppies for thanking our NHS today and red poppies to remember and thank those who fought in WW2.

You could even plan a party for your teddies.  Sit them around on a blanket and make place names.  Make them pretend food and put the flags and banners and flowers out.  Maybe your teddies could earn a bravery medal?




You may also want to join in with Faversham VE day singalong - see poster below.