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Wednesday 1st December



Today, I would like you to compile all of the wonderful writing you have produced both in school and at home over the last few weeks to produce character descriptions of the Ugly Sisters. I have used lots of the expanded noun phrases and similes that we have come up with together in my writing along with some examples from Ugly. Please use everything available to you in order to make these descriptions perfect: your own previous writing, word mats, my examples below etc. 


Please try to write this piece INDEPENDENTLY so that I am able to see what you can produce on your own and how we should support you going forward. I would ideally like this piece to be submitted to me via email by Friday 3rd. 


I am looking for 2 - 4 paragraphs of writing (1 - 2 about Bellona and 1 - 2 about Imelza). Remember you can embellish these - they don't have to be exactly how the sisters are described in the play! I have focussed on the girls' physical appearance but you might wish to write an extra paragraph about each sister's personality too perhaps.


Bellona was a short, stout girl with extremely oversized facial features. A sharp, pointed nose protruded from the centre of her face like a woodpecker’s beak and her large, round eyes bulged out of their sockets like a common house fly. Straggly spirals of hair, which were the colour of mustard, sprouted from her scalp, attempting to hide her floppy, donkey-like ears which hung heavily either side.
        Her sister, Imelza, on the other hand, was a tall, slender girl who seemed to have been stretched a little too long, rather like the neck of a giraffe. While her features were slightly more proportioned, a nauseating odour lingered when she was around (whether the source of this strong stench was her sticky, sweaty armpits or her dinosaur-like bad breath, no-one was quite sure).



We will complete our last lesson on symmetry today. You will need to consider the locations of the lines of symmetry and try to complete the shapes provided accordingly.

Lesson - Complete a symmetric figure



Please join in with lesson 5 of this term's Mamma Mia topic.