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Before we move on to our next topic in Science, I would like you to do one last thing to consolidate our learning from last term about teeth, digestion and food chains/webs.


You may wish to run this as a mini-project as it may take you more than one afternoon to complete. I would like you to make a model of one of the following:

- the human digestive system

- the jaw complete with full set of teeth (either human or another animal)

- a food chain or food web


Think carefully about which topic you wish to choose as I would like it to be labelled with as much scientific vocabulary as you can remember, and also some explanations and descriptions!


Have a look below at some examples of what you may choose to make - it could be a labelled, drawn diagram, a full scale model made from recycled materials, or perhaps you might be a tech-whizz and wish to make a digital model? I can't wait to see what you all produce!