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Art / DT

By now, most of you will have completed your learning about printing. Mrs Willis has very kindly planned an inspiring one-off Art lesson for you.  In fact, I think I might even have a go at this one! Don't forget to email in your creations - we LOVE seeing them all.

Observational Drawing (thank you Mrs Willisheart)

In Art this week, I would like you to try some observational drawing. This means looking really closely at an object and drawing it carefully.

Draw what you see, not what you think you can see”.


You will need; paper, pencil, thin card leaves/flowers.


Step one:

Make a viewfinder by cutting a square or rectangle from the card.


Step two:

Draw around the inside of the viewfinder on the paper.


Step three:

Place the viewfinder over part of the leaf ; this will be the part that you draw.


Step four:

Sketch in your basic lines first, looking carefully at where they start and finish in the viewfinder. Try to get the lines in the same place on the paper.


Step five:

Shade the darkest areas first; remember what you know about shading -you press harder on your pencil to make darker areas and press lightly to make lighter areas.


Step six:

Go over any basic lines if you need to. Admire your finished work!

You can experiment with size of viewfinder and shape; try a square, a rectangle or a circle.  “Draw what you see, not what you think you can see”.