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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group: 


This week we are learning a new sound: ai. This sound is a diagraph which means it’s one sound made by putting two letters together.


Today’s activity is to watch this video and join in with the sounding out of each word. Once you have done this, watch it again but with the sound on mute. Can you sound out and read each word?

If you would like a challenge, play the game below called Dragons Den. Select Phase 3 from the menu and then select the diagraph ai. Have fun!

Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


We are learning a new grapheme ey.


To begin this lesson, practise Phase 4 and 5 graphemes: Play Flashcards: Speed Trial, Flashcards: Time Challenge.


Watch Mr Thorne introduce the ey grapheme.

Play Dragon's Den or Picnic on Pluto. Select Phase 5 and the grapheme ey.

Choose one activity to complete.

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:


We are learning alternative spellings for the /ee/ phoneme.


ee  ea  y  e   ey   ie   ei   eo   e_e


To begin this lesson, play the game Flashcards to practise reading graphemes that have been learned in earlier phases (including new ones from Phase 5a). Flashcards: Speed Trial, Flashcards: Time Challenge.


Watch today’s video!

Today's Tasks:


Play Phoneme Spotter. Read the attached Phoneme Spotter text. Can you identify/highlight all the words containing today's phoneme?