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Last week you practised dividing and we used objects, arrays and number lines to help us with this.


Activity 1

Today I'd like us to do some drawing to help us divide.

Can you draw 4 pizzas? Don't put any yummy toppings on your pizza yet, that's coming next.


First, can you share 8 mozzarella balls equally between your 4 pizzas?

How many mozzarella balls will each pizza get?

Now I'd like you to think carefully about putting that into a sentence. How many groups of mozzarella balls do you have and how many balls are in each group.

(I have ­__ groups of ­­__ mozzarella balls)


Now, can you share 12 slices of tomato equally between your pizzas.

How many slices of tomato will each pizza get?

Put that into a sentence.


Can you do that again for 16 pieces of pepperoni and 20 pieces of green pepper? Don't forget to put your answers into sentences.


Extra Tricky Challenge!

Can you see if you can share 6 mushrooms equally between your pizzas? You might like to ask an adult to help you with this!



Activity 2

Here's one of my pizzas from yesterday. I have cut it into 12 slices.


If I share the pizza equally between 2 people, how many slices would they get each?

You can tell an adult or write it down like this:

There are __ slices of pizza.

They are shared between __ people.

Each person gets __ slices of pizza.


Now another person has joined them and they need to share the slices of pizza out again.

Do you think each person will get more slices, the same amount of slices or less slices? Can you explain why you think that to an adult?

Let's see if you were right. Can you share the slices of pizza equally between all three people and tell or write it down again, like we did before?



Can you explain how the cook can use counters or cubes to work out how many cherries should go on each cake?


Activity 3

You have done so well with your Division learning. Well done! Today I'd like us to have a practise so we are really confident in dividing.

Can you complete the Activity 3 worksheet at the bottom of the page?


Activity 4

Maths questions can be asked in different ways and now we are going to start looking at word problems. When we are given a word problem, we need to use the information they give us carefully to work out the answer.


Think about what information we need to know.

What is the question asking us to do?

What can we use to help us work it out?



1) There are 10 sheep.

The sheep are put in pens.

2 sheep go into each pen.

How many pens are needed?


I could group my sheep like this to work it out


Or I could use a time line to work it out


I can work out that if I out my sheep into groups of two, I will need 5 pens altogether.


2) Mrs Brown has 12 carrots.

She shares them equally between the 3 horses.

How many carrots does each horse get?


3) Mrs Brown's chickens lay 20 eggs in a day.

She puts 5 eggs into each box.

How many boxes will she need for all 20 eggs?


4) Mrs Brown makes 10 biscuits.

She shares them between two children.

How many biscuits will each child get?


Activity 5

What a busy week! To finish our learning for this term, I have set you a Multiplication and Division task on My Maths, so you can all show me how much wonderful learning you have done!

This task has been set before, and I can see that everyone that did it has done so well! Well done! But if you didn't manage to have a go before, see if you can try again today.