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Here is this week's collective worship assembly from Rev Daniel Corcoran (Community and Mission Priest, Faversham Benefice)

In line with the Diocesan plan it looks at gratitude through Disney clips, asking how grateful we are, exploring how gratitude has a positive affect on us and those around us and some activities that can help develop an "attitude of gratitude". It finishes with how God calls us to give thanks and with the Stormzy song: Blinded by your grace.
It's just under 10 minutes.


This week we are going to carry on learning about Shabbat, the special name Jewish people have for their day of rest, from Sundown on Friday evening to an hour after Sundown on Saturday evening. 


Last week we learned about some of the ways they celebrate Shabbat at home, this week we are going to look at the Synagogue. This is where Jewish people go to worship together, in the way that Christians would go to a church.


Have a watch of this video about Jewish children going to Synagogue on Shabbat.


Draw and label a picture of a Jewish child and what they do on Shabbat, then draw and label a picture of what you do on a Friday and a Saturday.