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Miss Tucker reads the Poem of the Day.


  This week we are going to be learning about money. If you can, have a look at some money at home. Perhaps you could play shops and use money to buy some items from your shop? There is some money you can print off and cut out below if you would like to use it.

  Have a look at the Page below from our textbook, it tells you what we will be learning about money, reminds you about your money learning from Year 2 and gives you some key maths vocabulary that you will be using this week. I have also allocated you this page on your PowerMaths account if you would like to look at it on there. 

  Have a look at the video below, can you answer the questions that they ask? You might need to pause the video when they ask you questions to give yourself time to find the answers. The worksheet the video talks about are uploaded below. 

  If you are finding this tricky, look at the video links below, one talks about pence and the other talks about pounds. They are from the Year Two learning, so might be helpful to remind you what you learned last year.

Spr3.4.3 - Pounds and pence (1).mp4

Still image for this video

  The worksheet mentioned in the video, and the answer sheet for this are uploaded below.

  If you would like to carry on learning about pounds and pence, you have had the Discover, Share and Think Together pages for this lesson allocated to you in Power Maths. They have also been uploaded to the Extra Challenges tab for this week (along with the answers for the Think Together pages.)

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  Today we are going to carry on with our learning about sentences. Last week we learned about simple sentences. This week we are going to learn about compound sentences.

  A compound sentence is a sentence that has two main clauses, joined with a co-ordinating conjunction. If you can, watch the video on the link below and join in with the activities that are set.

  If you can’t watch the video, or would like to do some more work on compound sentences, have a look at the sheet below and see if you can write some of your own compound sentences. Can you use each of the seven co-ordinating conjunctions in a sentence?


  Take a look at the PowerPoint below and the video you watched last week. Can you explain how internet searches return their results? Once you have watched the video and looked at the PowerPoint, can you fill out the sheet (there are three different sheets, take a look at them all and then pick one to fill out).

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Chapter 16 part 1.mp3


Click the link below for this week's Spanish