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Miss F's Phonics Group


Today we are going to read some words and sentences that contain the j sound that we looked at yesterday. Your grown-up could write the following words on post-its or pieces of paper and hide them around the room for you to find them. When you find them, say the sounds and read the words.








Next, play the same game but with these sentences:


Jog to get the jam.

A man can jog to get fit.

Jack and Jill jog up the hill.


Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group


We are learning to spell words with adjacent consonants, such as: rest, frost, stamp.


Watch the video below, to understand today's learning.

Read the sentences below and sound talk any challenging words:



My damp tent smells as bad as a mad skunk.

Do all brown toads grunt and groan?

My chimp had a sandwich for her lunch.



If you would like any extra work to go with today’s lesson, please see the attached worksheet.

Mrs Willis' Phonics Group


Today, we are learning to explore alternative pronunciation of the o grapheme.


Visit the Phonics Play website and play the game Cheeky Chimps.