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Letters and Sounds

Phase 6

Adding the _ly suffix onto words

This week, I am going to be teaching you your Phase 6 L&S learning through Loom video lessons.  Today, we will learn how to add _ly onto words where there is no change.


Task 1 - Video Lesson

Click on the link below to watch the lesson:


Task 2 - Activity

After you have taken part in the lesson, can you choose one of these words and add _ly?  Can you write some silly sentences containing these words?

  • bright
  • soft
  • quick
  • slow
  • swift
  • smooth
  • quiet
  • calm
  • loud


Mrs Willis's Group - er digraph + tricky words

This week, you only have one new digraph to learn: er.  This is a digraph which appears in lots of words.  For each daily lesson, you will have an 'er' digraph activity to complete as well as some tricky words to learn to spell by Friday.  Good luck!

Lesson 15 - er