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Letters & Sounds



Miss F's Phonics Group


Today we are learning all about the sound w. Watch this video to find out more:


Lesson 33 (part 1) - Reception

Now think of lots of things starting with the w sound and draw them on a piece of paper. Look around your house for ideas! You could use your letter and sounds to label each picture with the word or with a simple sentence. See the photo below for an idea:


To recap all of the sounds we have covered so far this week, have a go at reading the sentences in this document below.

Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group


This week, we are learning to spell words with adjacent consonants, such as frost, jump, stomp. Watch today’s lesson by clicking on the

video below.



I have attached a Snakes and Ladders game for you to play, to help you revise today's learning. Have fun!
Mrs Willis' Phonics Group

Today, we are learning to spell the tricky words: little, one, do, when, what, out.


Practice writing all of these tricky words. Once you have done that, choose two of the tricky words and see how many times you can write each one out in 30/60 seconds.