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English Grammar and Punctuation

LO: I can write sentences in the PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE PROGRESSIVE Tense.


Do you remember last week we learnt to recognise verbs written in the SIMPLE PAST, PRESENT and FUTURE tenses?

EG.  I walk to school (Simple Present Tense)

      I walked to school (Simple Past Tense)

      I will walk to school (Simple Future Tense)


This week, we are going to learn about THREE more VERB TENSES:

  1. The Present Progressive Tense
  2. The Past Progressive Tense
  3. The Future Progressive Tense


I have attached a video lesson which explains how to construct the three tenses. The lady who gives the lesson teaches the three tenses within the context of MACBETH which is the Shakespeare play that will study as soon as we return to school. Not only will you learn about these three tenses, but you will also gain an insight into MACBETH!