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National Poetry Day 2020

On National Poetry Day, Year 6 thought about what might happen in class, 'When the Teacher's Not There.'

Prepare yourself!

'No teacher' party!

Cartwheels in the air

Tap dancing on tables

Playing truth or dare

The whiteboard's covered in scribble 

There's chaos everywhere

This is what happens when the teacher's not there!


'Take cover!' shout the children

As missiles fly here and there

Pistols ready for a water fight!

Now we're shooting chocolate eclairs

Summersaults over tables 

 Like we just don't care

This is what happens when the teacher's not there!


We'll listen to music

Blaring through the air

On the desk playing air guitar

There goes a flying pear!

Let's play Chubby Bunny

Find those eclairs!

Everything happens when the teacher's not there!


What about a food fight?

Pizza in your hair

"Look out! Custard overhead!"

Incoming Camembert!

Biscuit crumbs on the floor

Throwing bottles everywhere

Crazy things happen when the teachers not there!


Kick down the door

And party, shaking your hair

Run around in banana suits

It's quite scary, beware!

Playing Minecraft on teacher's computer

Propelling glue lids here and there

All sorts can happen when the teacher's not there!


Look out! A rocket!

Now that's really quite rare

Perhaps we'll journey into space

That would be something to share!

Or shall we squawk like a chicken

Playing musical chairs?

What more can happen when the teacher's not there?


Knock, knock, knock

We freeze. We stare.

And then panic erupts!

Sirens honk and klaxons blare!

Screams of terror! Wails of despair!

No! No! No!

Teacher's right there!


Operation clean up takes it's place

The biggest event in the human race!

It's a catastrophe! It's a disaster!

Come on people, we must work faster!

Sponges wash the classroom floor

A mouldy cloth takes the classroom door

And when the teacher enters, she sees...


Glittering tables, shining bright!

The board, sparkling majestically white!

And though her eyes shine with suspicion

The class looks perfect, as if done by a magician...

And because there is no grime

She says, "Good job, class. Now, it's home time!"


By Onyx Class