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Reading Comprehension

This week, your text is all about the desert. There are 3 ability levels to choose from, attached below. 

Note: The word 'adaptations' is included within the harder texts.  This word describes how animals are suited to surviving in the desert.


Writing Task

Instructions for Making Mint Tea (or instructions for making something else)

This week, it would be great if you could make mint tea and then write instructions for making it. You MUST do this will an adult since it involves boiling water.  If you don't want to make mint tea, then you could write instructions for making something else. Remember that instructions start off with bossy verbs like: Mix, Pour and Stir.

There are some documents below to help you.



Grammar and Punctuation (continued from last week)

This week, you will continue learning about the 4 types of sentences: statement, question, command and exclamation



Days of the Week (remember they need a CL)










Phase 6

This week we will add the _es suffix onto nouns which end in s or x to make them into a plural (eg. 1 box, 2 boxes).  There is a PPT and an activity sheet below.


Phase 5

Recap any of the alternative spellings for phonemes here:


Reading Comprehension