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Please note that English is on this page! I forgot to put it in the English folder!




This week we will be reading, writing, and performing our own dinosaur poems!

I love poetry! Poems are fantastic fun to perform and to write, as you can play around with lots of descriptive and exciting language. Have a look at this short video clip of the poet Paul Cookson reading his poem, King of the Dinosaurs!

Can you make a Sound Sandwich?


Have a look at the sound words below.


Your task: 


Pick an animal or a dinosaur that matches one of the words from the sound word list.

1) The first line starts ‘I love it when…’ Place the sound-word at the end of the sentence.

2) Now add a second rhyming line.

3) Simply repeat the first line to finish!

4) Read it aloud with sound effects.


Here are some examples:



I love it when my teeth go snap,

Hippos cheer and flamingos’ clap,

I love it when my teeth go snap.




T Rex


I love it when my feet go smash,

Triceratops roar and Stegosaurus’ crash,

I love it when my feet go smash.


I am really looking forward to reading your poems! Perhaps you might like to send me a video of you performing your poem?