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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group:


Today we will be learning to read the tricky words he and she. Let's sing our tricky words song and see if we can spot these two words. 




Now see if you can complete this colouring activity: 

Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


Today, we shall be learning to read and spell the tricky words have and when. We will also continue to read words that have adjacent consonants such as: crown, throat and smart. 


Join in with today's video.

Today's tasks: 


Challenge task:


Read the following passage. Can you underline/highlight the consonant clusters in the story? I have attached the answers!


Mrs Willis' Phonics Group:


We are learning to read the tricky words: water, where, who, again, thought, through, work, mouse.


To help you, practice your handwriting and copy out these tricky words: