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Note to Parents re Term 6, Week 4 (beg. Monday 22nd June)  

Next week, we will be learning how to read thermometers in degrees Celsius.  Thought I'd let you know now just in case you might like to source one.  (It won't be necessary to have one in order to complete next week's Maths but it would definitely be useful!) Thank you so much for all that you are doing. 


This week, we will complete our unit about time. We will be:

  • finding how long something takes (durations of time)
  • comparing durations of time (related to months of the year)
  • playing some fun games to help us self-assess and conclude our unit

Can you use this Year 2 Time Poster to check your understanding of this Unit of Learning? Is there anything that you need to revise?

Months Of The Year Song

Fun Activities to Finish our Unit 

How many in one minute challenge!