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Monday 29th November

English - Spelling and Handwriting


This week, we are learning words that contain the letter string 'ough', making a long /o/, /oo/ or /or/ sound.


Check out the 'ways to pronounce 'ough'' video on the Compound Christie bundle.


  • though
  • although
  • dough
  • through (Patient Potter bundle)
  • thought (Christmas Carroll bundle)
  • bought and brought (Christmas Carroll bundle)
  • fought


Our Linkalot words this week come from the Christmas Carroll bundle on the Sir Linkalot app.

  • Christmas 
  • million



Think about how the 'ough' letter string produces a different sound in some of these different words. Which sound does it make in each of your spelling words?



Do you know what each of this week's spelling words mean? Prove it! Write sentences containing each of your spelling words. Perhaps one of your sentences might use more than one of your spelling words.


CHALLENGE: Can one of your sentences contain a subordinate clause? An expanded noun phrase? A fronted adverbial?




Today, you are going to build upon last week's learning to complete symmetrical patterns and figures. Be careful to check the position of the line of symmetry!

Perhaps you might prefer to try these instead if you are finding the Power Maths work a little tricky. Or as an extra piece of work!




We will try to continue with the Turtle Logo work that we have been completing in school. This week, I would like you to try and create your own procedures to make regular polygons. A procedure is where the programme (Turtle Logo) stores the algorithms that you have inputted and can remember them when you enter a set piece of coding.


Follow the instructions on the PowerPoint and on the activity sheet carefully and remember that the code needs to be copied exactly as it is written in order to work correctly.