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Unit 7: Addition within 20


Unit Overview:

In this unit, children choose the most appropriate addition strategies by thinking about the numbers involved in the calculations. It is a vital unit, as understanding how to add by crossing a 10 is very important for later addition strategies, including the formal methods introduced in Key Stage 2. Within this unit, children progress from using a counting strategy to using known number bonds to derive answers to additions, including adding the ones separately from the ten, and when to add by bridging 10.


Key Language

There is some key language that the children will need to know as part of the learning in this unit: count, count on, add, addition, plus or +, altogether, in total, number bond, tens, ones, number stories, represent, part, whole, part-whole, greater, less, predict, how many more?




Today’s Learning Focus:

In this lesson, we will add numbers by counting on from one number. We will know where to start the count and when to stop the count.


We will be using a number line in today’s lesson.


My 0-20 Number line



Have a look at this example:


If we were to count on from 12, 6 more, we would say ‘12’ and then count on:

13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18.


18 is how many eggs they have now.


Watch this video to find out more:

Today’s task:



Challenge Task:

Practice your reasoning skills and answer these questions. Try and make sure that your mathematical explanations are clear.