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Activity 1

At the end of last week we started learning about position and direction.


What do you remember about position and direction?


Look at the word mat that you made, to remind you of some key words.


Have a look at the question below.



We need to imagine that the ladybird is going to make a quarter turn to the right (the arrow shows us which way it is going to turn.)


Sometimes this can be hard to visualise. If you find this question hard to answer, you could make yourself a little paper arrow, put it on the table facing the same direction as the ladybird and then turn  it one quarter. Which way is your arrow facing now? Can you find a ladybird facing the same way as your arrow?


Use this arrow to help you answer your questions today.


You might also like to use the turns we learned about last week to help.




Activity 2

Today we are going to use our understanding of position and direction to direct Anna.



Which direction is Anna walking in in the picture?


When Anna gets to the next cone, what turn will she need to make to continue walking along the ropes? Will she turn left or right?


What will Max need to say to Anna to help her get to the end of the rope maze?


Here are the answers:

Anna is walking forwards in the picture.

Anna will need to make a quarter turn right when she reaches the next cone.

Max will need to ask Anna to walk forwards. Make a quarter turn left. Walk forwards.


Did you get them right?


Have a go at this worksheet and don't forget to use an arrow to help, if you find this tricky!

Activity 3

Yesterday we had a go at giving directions. I think it is really important we know which direction left is and which direction right is. So today, we are going to practise describing positions by using left and right.



Please complete the Describing positions left and right worksheet.

Activity 4

Today we are going to think about the positions above and below.


Can you look above you? What do you see?


Can you look below you? What do you see?



What is above the dinosaur?


Can you describe the position of the teddy? Think about what it is below or next to and is it to the left or right of an object?


The books are above  the dinosaur. What is the dinosaur on top of?




Which shelf is the teddy on?


Is the teddy above  or below  the stack of rings?


Have a go at Position and Direction 3 worksheet.