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English: Reading

So much of what we learn about Ancient Egypt focusses on the wealthy and royal members of society: pyramids, pharaohs, mummification, treasures. But we also need to ensure we know what life was like for every day people living during this civilisation.       

        This week, we are going to be creating an information leaflet or booklet that could be given out to people, perhaps in a museum, to teach them all about every day life in Ancient Egypt.

        Over the next three days, we are going to be working towards this leaflet beginning with today where you are going to complete a comprehension about some aspects of life in Ancient Egypt. I would recommend you make a note of anything that really stands out to you in this text as it might help you with your research tomorrow.


NOTE: The document below contains 3 different comprehensions. You can pick which one to complete depending on how confident you feel. Now...who likes Nando's? Look for the stars in the corner of the document. One star is Lemon and Herb, not too tricky. Two stars is Medium, starting to get more difficult and three stars is EXTRA HOT! This is tough and you've got to be super confident to try this! Oh no! Now I'm hungry! Silly Miss Constantine.