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Letters and Sounds

Phase 6 - Revising _ful suffix

Can you remember how to add the _ful suffix to words?  Remember that the _ful suffix means 'full of' something, for example, if someone is hopeful then they are full of hope.



Can you add the _ful suffix to these words and then choose 5 of your words and write then in sentences?

  • hope
  • beauty
  • thought
  • delight
  • respect
  • pain
  • wish
  • use
  • help
  • wonder
  • power
  • care
  • colour


Mrs Willis’s Group - Sentence reading

Today we will do some sentence activities.  Ask you child to use their skills in segmenting and then blending to read these sentences:

  • Fred and Brett spent a week in Spain.
  • I kept bumping into things in the dark.
  • Milk is good for children’s teeth.
  • The clown did tricks with a chimpanzee.
  • The frog jumps in the pond and swims off.
  • I must not tramp on the flowers.
  • A crab crept into a crack in the rock.
  • A drip from the tap drops in the sink.
  • I can hear twigs snapping in the wind.
  • It is fun to camp in a tent.

Can your child draw sound buttons to segment these words?










Here is an example of sound buttons:

The document is attached here:



Phase 4 Sentences