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For your last week of home learning, you are going to be working on Reflective Symmetry which is where something 2D could be folded (or a mirror placed in the centre) and both sides are identical. When both sections match equally, we say that a shape is symmetrical. If they do not match exactly, the shape is asymmetrical
       Today, we are going to start by looking at symmetry in 2D shapes, but as the week goes on, we will explore symmetrical patterns and designs also.

       Start by watching (and if you wish, joining in) with my Loom lesson below. Then, log in to the Power Maths textbook and try out the Discover/Share pages. If you would like to try out the Think Together questions, please do not spend more than 10 minutes on these.

Symmetry Song for Kids | A Day at Symmetry Land | Lines of Symmetry