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  This term we are going to start a new RE topic. Our RE question for this term is ‘What is good about Good Friday?’. We are going to be thinking about our own life experiences as well as looking at the Easter story and Christian beliefs in order to help us answer this question.

  Today we are going to be thinking about ways that people have helped us. Take a look at the stories below. Who has a problem? Who helps them and how did they do this? How do you think the characters who were helped felt? How do you think the characters who helped them felt?

CBeebies Bedtime Stories 764 Vicky McClure Duck In The Truck 14 August 2020 #CBeebies

Vicky McClure reads Duck in the Truck by Jez Alborough.Joanna Page tells the tale of a little blue monster who realiseshow important his family is .#CBeebies

CBeebies Bedtime Stories 762 Annie Price Along Came A Different 15 July 2020 #CBeebies

TV presenter AnniePrice reads a fun story with an inspiring message about how being different can bring us together.

  Can you think about any times when you have been helped by someone? Can you think of any times you have helped anyone? What happened and how did you feel?