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Being Healthy - Reading and Writing Information Sentences

Science | KS1 | Keeping my body healthy | BBC Teach

Being Healthy


Task 1:

With a grown up, read through the Powerpoint and information about being healthy.


Task 2:

Can you fill in the missing words in the factual sentences about being healthy? 


  • All living things need f________ and water to _________________ .


  • T________________ a________ five main groups of food.


  • Dairy foods m__________ o_______ bones strong.


  • Sugary treats are bad for y______ t___________ .


  • Exercise is g_________ f_______ our bodies.


  • We can’t survive without w_______ or f______ .


  • Children ___________ about 1 hour of exercise each day.


Task 3:

Can you write your own non-fiction sentences using ‘Did you know that….’ to start off your sentence?


Task 4:

Can you list the 5 main food groups?


Sentences to fill in