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Term 1 - All about me. Todo sobre yo




Our topic for Term 1 in Spanish is Ourselves - Todo sobre yo. We will start the new topic by learning a few key nouns to talk about our family members and then use the verb llamarse to say what they are called. We will use games, songs and rhymes to help us to remember the new vocabulary and grammar learnt, building on all learning from previous years too.


Mi madre - my mum

Mi padre - My dad

Mi hermano - my brother

Mi hermana - my sister

Mi abuela - my grandma

Mi abuelo - my grandad


Me llamo - I am called

Se llama -  he/she is called


Remember "ll" is pronounced y (sounds like - yam-ah)


Have a go at this little game below to see if you can remember the words. There are some new words on it too to learn.

Family in Spanish

Made by Learning Spanish with Johanna Check out our website to find the illustrated vocabulary of this song and much more! http://www.learningspanishwithjoha...