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Division / Multiplication Games & Problems

Please spend today making sure that you are confident with division.  Here are some games that you could play:


Share Bears

  • Yasmin and Zach have some bears to share.
  • Which numbers of bears can they share equally so that there are none left over? 
  • Can they share one bear equally?
  • Can they share two bears equally?  Three bears?  Four bears...?
  • What do you notice about the numbers they can share fairly?
  • It might help to look at a number line and mark the numbers that do share fairly onto it. Do you notice a pattern?


Here are some weblinks to online Games:



Note: The website NRICH is brilliant for developing problem-solving and reasoning about Maths.  Some of the activities are quite challenging and will really extend the children's thinking. This is something you might like to explore if you have any spare time surprise.