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  Have a look at the video below, can you answer the questions that they ask? Today’s lesson is about converting between pounds and pence, remember 100p = £1.

  The worksheet mentioned in the video, and the answer sheet for this are uploaded below.

Spr3.4.4 - Convert pounds and pence.mp4

Still image for this video

  If you would like to carry on learning about converting between pounds and pence, you have had the Discover, Share and Think Together pages for this lesson allocated to you in Power Maths. They have also been uploaded to the Extra Challenges tab for this week (along with the answers for the Think Together pages.)

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  English/ Topic

  Today we are carrying on with one of my favourite topics. We will be carrying on with our topic about Norway, learning about some of the tourist attractions that you will be writing about in your persuasive booklet tomorrow.

  Today I would like you to choose two or three places in Norway to research. I have found some research on the places we used our AFOREST ideas on last week. If there is another place in Norway that you would like to find out about and write about tomorrow then you are welcome to do that.

  These will be the places that you write about tomorrow to persuade people to go to Norway. To help you do this, you should try to find out how much things might cost, when things might happen (for example when is the best time to see the Northern Lights?) and who might enjoy certain things.

  Have a look at the PowerPoint below to find out more.


  This week in Art, I would like you to draw your own self portrait with the “special objects” you practised drawing last week.

  Please look at the You Tube clip from Week 1 (below) to remind you about how to draw a face; remember those key words, shape and proportion. Look in a mirror to see your own face – notice the shape of your features. Remember, it’s a self portrait so it is worth spending a bit of time looking at your face and to keep looking at it while you draw.

  The size of paper you use is up to you and what you have available but whether it is A3 or A4, make sure your drawing is big enough. Remember to “fill the frame” as it makes colouring/painting so much easier! Also remember to have your paper portrait style rather than landscape.

  Once you are happy with your self portrait, add the special objects sitting on your shoulders. You can look at Frida Kahlo’s Self Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird to help you get the size and position right.

Finally, to finish your drawing, please include some of those large, exotic leaves as a background; just like Frida did. You could also add in some insects or flowers.

  There is quite a lot of drawing this week but it is worth spending time to get it how you want it.

  I have included two examples of the self portraits last year’s Year 3 did so you can see how this topic progresses.

  Next week, you will be painting/colouring your self portrait and I will be teaching you how to mix a realistic skin colour. We will also look at ways to present our painting in a Frida Kahlo style frame.

Have fun!

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Chapter 16 part 2.mp3