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Our school council is a formal group of pupils within our school who are elected by their peers to represent them and their views.


Each class from Year R- Year 6 have elected two school representatives. This group meets at least termly in order to share the views of their peers and to support the development of the school. Minutes from the meetings are shared with the Headteacher and together they plan how to strengthen provision for the children. Recently the school council has been involved in setting and delivering a pupil questionnaire and raising money by holding a school disco. 

One of the things the pupils at Ethelbert Road identified in the pupil questionnaire was to strengthen playtimes, so the school councillors are busy collecting pupils views. Once their peers opinions have been collected and discussed they will take their ideas to the Headteacher. Together the Headteacher and school council will find ways to improve and strengthen playtimes for all pupils. 

Our councillors supported the Headteacher by producing and distributing a 'Pupil Voice' questionnaire to find out how Ethelberters are finding school and their lessons and what improvements we can work on to make our school even better. Now all of the surveys are in the teachers and councillors can get to work. Thank you everyone for completing our survey!

Pupil Questionnaire Results

The School Council hosted their first event this month: the Autumn 'Fancy Dress' Disco. The children had an excellent time boogying and munching on crisps. Well done to our competition winners for 'Best Dance Moves' and 'Best Costume' and to our councillors for raising £475 for our school.