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Remote Learning Gallery, Term 3 2021

Sylvester has been learning about the metamorphosis of the butterfly to extend his science learning. Fabulous work S! 


Emma F's fabulous sound poem. 


E having fun, learning her tricky words.


Well done on your sound sorting J.


E enjoyed making her glitter jar! I love the colour.


Well done Raffin, on your fantastic sound poem!


This picture makes me smile. Lovely work J! 


Wow! Amazing artwork Quin!


Quin's super dinosaur fact sheet that he did on the computer! Amazing work Quin!


Emma W wrote an information booklet all about the mighty T Rex!


Super phonics work Emma W!



A super Stegosaurus information sheet Emma F! Well done!



Well done Fenna on your beautifully written information sheet all about a Troodon.


F using her fantastic animal knowledge to sort animals according to their diets


S spotted a Kingfisher and she has written a fantastic information sheet about them.



I having fun making her 'me mobile'


S's beautiful 'me mobile'


N, helping to clean up our planet. Well done N for your litter picking. heart

I, hard at work with her phonics learning. Well done I!

Emma's super science work.

Q's maths pattern! What comes next?


Two super sentences written by Emma. Fantastic!

E, working hard with her maths learning! 

S's super freeze frame to describe how she would feel if she were all alone on a planet.

Here is J's super letter to a Triceratops!

J was lucky enough to receive a letter from a Triceratops in the post!

Wow! Isn't E's dinoland amazing? heart

Emma has thought of some super adjectives to describe the two different settings from our class book. 

Well done on your super science work Raffin! 

What a fantastic dinosaur model, Q! 

E having lots of fun, playing with her dinosaurs! heart

Look at the insects that Nancy spotted on her nature walk. How many can you see?

Isobel has worked really hard to produce a fantastic animal poster. heart

Look at S's fantastic dinosaur! Can you spot him hiding?


Fenna's dream heart

E, working hard and practicing her handwriting. 



E, having fun painting her dinosaur. I love the colour E!


Beautifully written and a beautiful dream Emma. 



Nancy has been working hard all week. Well done on your super maths work, Nancy.

Wow! Look at your lovely writing Sylvie. You have written some really interesting facts about your favourite dinosaur. I am so pleased to see that you have used a capital letter and a full stop correctly. Super work!



A happy S! Well done for all your super work this week S!

Super writing Emma. You have explained why you like your favourite dinosaur and you have included an interesting fact. Well done for using capital letters and full stops correctly.


Well done on your plasticine dinosaur model N. 


Phase 1 completed on S's dinosaur. She is going to use papier-mache to complete her dinosaur. I can't wait to see your finished model S, it is going to be fantastic!


What a fantastic dinosaur model Emma! You have been working really hard.

Q hard at work, practicing his handwriting. Good boy Q!


J's dinosaur clearly likes biscuits! What a fantastic model J!


J having fun making his dinosaur model. 


Well done J! You are working so hard on your handwriting. Keep up the great work!


I has created her own written book, all about dinosaurs. Each page is beautifully illustrated with a different type of dinosaur and a fact on each page. Amazing work I! 


This is a lovely photo of I, working hard with her learning on 3D shapes. Super work I!


F has enjoyed our story this week: Crunch Munch Dinosaur Lunch! Beautiful work and drawings F, well done!