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Tuesday 14th December

Letters and Sounds and Handwriting

Can you read these words in the video that all contain the ch digraph? See if you can sound out each letter and then blend them to read the word. Put the video on mute to see if you can read them all by yourself.

Ch Words- Learning Blending for Reading


For you handwriting today, can you write the word chin. For a challenge write It is my chin. Don't forget your capital letter and full stop. 


In Maths today we are going to practise counting objects accurately. Attached below is an I Spy game. Can you count the robins - how many are there? How many snowmen? How many snowflakes? Each time you count a picture you could draw a circle around it or tick it to keep track of the ones you have counted. 


Today we are going to make a snowman out of a toilet roll tube or some rolled up paper. The instructions are attached below and here is a photo to give you the idea: