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Letters & Sounds

Miss F's Phonics Group: 


Play this Phonics Play game to see if you can spot and say the sounds we have covered so far. (Click phase 3 and select the sounds up to th.)


Today we are going to read words that start with shch and our new sound th. Below is a sheet that lists lots of words beginning with these sounds. Your job is to cut all the words out and put them in columns like the photos below. Can you have a go at sounding out and reading all of these words out? Remember to spot the digraphs. If you would like a challenge, can you write a sentence using one of these words?


Mrs Haylor's Phonics Group:


To begin today's lesson, practice the tricky words people, their and oh by playing Tricky Word Trucks. Make sure that you select Phase 5a Tricky Words


Today we will be learning the new grapheme ea.

Have a look at today's video to learn more. 



Can you find all the words that have the ea grapheme in the wordsearch. 


Mrs Willis' Phonics Group: 


Revise your Phase 5a and 5b learning by using phonics play or by completing some of the activities that I have attached for you.