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Reading (documents attached)

There is no Reading Comprehension this week. Instead, over the next 1½ weeks, could you please do 3 things:

  • Make a list of all the books you've read since lockdown started back in March
  • Write a book review of your favourite book
  • Write down things that you feel you are good at as a reader and 1 thing that you would like to improve.  It would be great if you could keep these and bring back to school in September to share with me and your new teacher. I have attached 3 documents to help you record these things.



Can you write some things about yourself for your Year 3 teacher? Think about some of your special qualities and also some things that you might be worried about. Also think of some things that you'd like to improve. There is a lovely booklet attached to help you with this.  It would be great if you could put this somewhere safe and bring it back to school in September.


Grammar and Punctuation

These are the things that we've learnt about in Year 2.  Ask a grown-up to challenge you and play a game.  Choose one thing and write an example of that thing, eg. If my grown-up chooses 'comma', I would write: I love Yellow Class because they are kind, helpful, intelligent and fun!


Phonics (Game)

Phase 6

There is a great version of Monopoly which you can print out and play this week and over the Summer.  It covers lots of things, including some of the things we've learnt as part of our Grammar lessons too.


Phase 5

Please use to recap any of the Phase 5 phonemes.



There will not be any more new spellings this year. If you would like to do any spellings over the Summer, then you could make sure that you can spell all of the Year 2 Common Exception Words correctly and revise some of the spellings which you've found tricky. Miss Clegg and I have been blown away by how well you've done in your weekly spellings checks this year.  Well done Year 2!


Writing Year 2 to Year 3 - All About Me

Spellings - Common Exception Words colouring fish