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Please note that today's English lesson is on this page!


Learning Focus:

I can listen to and talk about a story and a poem. 

If I Had a Dinosaur!


I have found a lovely story that you will all enjoy. It is called ‘If I had a dinosaur’ and it is written by Gabby Dawnay.


 Whilst this is a story, it is written very much like a poem. How many rhyming words can you hear? What do you think the story is about? What are your favourite lines or your favourite parts of the story? Think about these questions as you watch the video.


For today’s lesson, we will be reading a poem called ‘Roar!’

Click on the link to the Powerpoint presentation to read this poem. I would like you to read this poem a few times and answer the questions that are attached. One set of questions is harder than the other, I will let you decide which one you would like to complete.