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Word of the Day: lavish (adjective)

Meaning: sumptuous and luxurious like a huge banquet just for one person

Bjorn had visions of sitting alongside Odin at a lavish banquet,

drinking the finest mead from golden drinking horns, and enjoying food fit for kings.  


LO: I can capture the tone of a traditional tale using archaic (old-fashioned) language.


Yesterday, we learnt how to create a storyteller's 'voice' in our writing by pausing the story to speak directly to the reader.


E.G. Now, you may be wondering...

     You may have heard about the halls of Valhalla...

     Just imagine how it might feel...

     Have you ever thought about...?


Take a look at the opening paragraph you wrote. Have you remembered to speak to the reader? Check your punctuation and spelling too. Are there any sentences that could be improved?


One of the mistakes that pupils sometimes make when writing either a myth, legend, fable or saga (traditional tales) is that they slip into using 'modern' language which doesn't quite 'fit' with a traditional tale - stories that have been passed on over time. Today, I would like you to create some sentences using the attached WORD BANK to help you to capture the right 'tone' for this piece of writing. I have included what we could call 'archaic' (old-fashioned) language to help you to think about choosing the right words to tell your story.

Viking Saga Sentences and Word Bank

The Saga Of Biorn