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Wednesday 1 December

Letters and Sounds

Today we are learning all about the Z sound. Here's a video to learn what this sound looks like and how to say it:


Ask your grown up to read this story to you. It's called Zara and the Zoo. Can you spot all the z letters in the story? Circle/colour each z letter. For a challenge, can you try and write words starting with the z sound?


Today we are learning to write the y letter. Can you cover a page with the word yell? For a challenge, you can write I can yell. Remember your full stops and capital letters.


For today's activity you will need to print off this tens frame or draw one on a piece of paper:

Place 9 counters, buttons, grapes etc on the tens frame. Count slowly and accurately. Fill up the first line of 5 first before starting the next line. Can you see that 1 gap isn't filled when you have 9 objects on a tens frame? Repeat with ten objects, filling the top line first and then the bottom line. Are there any gaps with ten objects?


Can you write the numbers 1 - 10 next to your objects on the tens frame? If you need help, ask your grown-up to write them first and then you can copy over them.


Today we are going to sing happy birthday. In your house find a small, medium and large toy. Ask your grown up to hold up one of the toys. If it's the big toy, sing happy birthday in a big voice. If it's the little toy, sing it in a teeny tiny voice. If you have any instruments at home, you could play those too. Remember to match quiet sounds to the small toy and loud sounds to the big toy.