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We have been reading Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish by Michael Foreman. Can you remember the story so far? Can you describe the state that Earth is in?


Let’s begin today’s lesson by looking at these two pages from the book:


On Earth the piles of rubbish smouldered and burned, and the mountains rumbled.

Far below the surface, the heat disturbed the sleep of the dinosaurs who had lain hidden away for hundreds of years.


Questions to think about:


What would the dinosaurs think of how the world looks now?

What do you think they will want to do about it?


The dinosaurs might want to clean up the world to make it beautiful again. We are going to need to give them some instructions to do it.

This week we are going to write our own set of instructions.


For today’s learning, we will be focusing on identifying verbs and using these to help us with our instruction writing.


Have a look at this page below:


The man owned some factories nearby.

“Build me a rocket,” he ordered.

Cut down the trees, dig out the coal,

burn whatever will burn,

and build me a rocket,

to reach the stars.”


All day and all night the fires in the factories huffed and puffed.

Smoke and fumes and waste and rubbish poured out and piled up.



Today's task:

Can you collect all the verbs from these two pages?

Remember, a verb is a doing word, it describes an action, a state, or an occurrence. For today, we are just going to focus on verbs that describe an action.


Have a look at this video to remind you of what a verb is:



Have a look at this worksheet. I have attached it for you, as well as the answers!


I would like you to read the sentences with a grown-up and I would like you to underline or highlight all the verbs in the sentences. I have done one for you. There are 10 more to find! Once you have checked your answers, I would like you to copy down the verbs you have found in your best handwriting. We are going to use these verbs for tomorrow’s lesson.