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Today, I'd like you to do some research so that you have lots of information to put into your information booklet/leaflet.

       You must choose at least 3 topics from the list below to find out more about. If you have another topic in mind that you wish to research, you may add this to the 3 topics that you are researching too.


  • Jobs
  • Clothing
  • Food
  • Houses
  • Toys and games (Make sure you check out this week's Music page as there is a song that will help you with this topic)
  • Clothing and jewellery (Check out this week's Art page for help with this topic)
  • Hair and make-up
  • Children
  • Leisure (sports, music and hobbies)



REMEMBER: You can save any random facts that don't fit under a particular subheading and these can be placed in a fact box somewhere on your leaflet.


       If you have any Ancient Egyptian books or have access to an online library at home, please use these to help you.

Daily life in Ancient Egypt