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English and History

Last week we started learning about different parts of a castle and how they were used to defend it. This week we are going to find out what a castle is and what the first type of castle was like.


I have only given you 3 activities this week as some of them may take you more time than usual, and that's fine! Take your time over your presentation and have fun.


Activity 1

I have made a presentation for you to read through and an activity sheet to complete. There is a lot of information to read and remember, so make sure you have someone at home there to help you.

Activity 2

Now you have found out lots of information about the first type of castle built, A Motte and Bailey, today I'd like you to draw your own Motte and Bailey Castle and label it.


You should include:


Motte - a mound of earth

Keep - the building on top of the Motte where the family lived

Ditch - a ditch dug around the bottom of the Motte

Bailey - an area where the servants lived which had lots of buildings, such as, stables, storehouses, bakeries, kitchens and small houses.

Fence - surrounding the Bailey

Fosse (moat) - A ditch filled with water around the Bailey.


If you aren't confident in drawing your own, I have added a Motte and Bailey Colouring Picture for you to colour in and label.

Activity 3

Have you ever been to visit a castle?

Do you remember the name of any castles?


We live in Kent and Kent has lots and lots of wonderful castles. You might have heard of Dover Castle or Leeds Castle.


Your task today is to see how many castles you can find in Kent! You will need to use the internet or books to help you with this.

You can present your learning in any way that you choose, but you must remember your neatest writing. You might like to use the Castle in Kent Writing Paper that I have included.


As we will be writing the names of castles, you must remember to use a capital letter at the start of each part of the name.


Like this:

Dover Castle

Leeds Castle

Deal Castle