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In Geography, teachers use a broad range of evidence and assessment for learning strategies to assess pupils’ knowledge of key information and their understanding of key geographical concepts. The assessment strategy very much depends on the National Curriculum focus being taught, the medium through which the pupil is being asked to share their knowledge and the individual needs and strengths of the pupil.  For instance, assessment opportunities arise when observing pupils completing field work, such as how competent they are when applying the key skills of map reading or using compasses. This might take place at school or on an enrichment trip. Other assessment opportunities arise when pupils produce written pieces based on our cross curricular approach in which geography knowledge is the engine of the topic, such as a narrative based in Antarctica. At other times, pupils are asked to show their understanding through a creative subject such as art or design and technology or even through a homework project. The opportunities to use assessment for learning strategies are wide and varied. 

Regardless of the focus, pupils receive ongoing feedback to move their forward and learn how to use a wide range of subject specific vocabulary. Geography is planned to be sequential ensuring the skills and knowledge are built on in a progressive way. Units of work have clear National Curriculum links which are broken down into learning objectives against which the teachers assess pupils’ knowledge and understanding. Assessment attainment is recorded on our assessment system, Insight Assessment. The data is collected twice a year and analysed by the subject leaders. The outcome of the analysis is presented to senior leaders and strategies planned using a collective approach.