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Art - Willow Pattern Plate

(Thank you Mrs Willis)

Today in Art, I would like you to draw and colour your own Willow Pattern Plate. I have included a PowerPoint for you to look at; the first slide shows you bits of the plate close up so you can really see the details. The second slide is of the whole plate with a poem about it – see if you can spot the things mentioned in the poem.


You will need a paper plate (or a plate sized circle cut out of card or paper is fine), blue pencils, crayons, felt tips – whatever you have at home but blue is definitely best!


I would like you choose the parts of the plate that you like most and copy them onto your paper plate; you do not have to copy the whole plate as it is very detailed!


Choose some of the key features; the birds, boat, temple, bridge, trees or the crooked fence. Then choose one or two of the main characters to include; the Emperor, Koong-Se, Chang or Ta-Jin. Try to draw a pattern around the edge of the plate as well; it will make your plate look realistic.


Please send us a photo of your finished plate as we love to see your artwork!

PPT - Willow Pattern Plate