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F1 Day at the QE

Year 1 Ice Experiment


Year 2

Year 1

States of Matter


The week beginning the 27th June was Science Week at Ethelbert Road. This year our theme was science in nature. Each class visited Oare to undertake science observation and had an amazing animal workshop.

Turbo Turtles

On Sunday 26th June, six Year5 pupils represented their year group and school at the Young Eco Engineers, MEBP, green goblin go-Kart competition in Gillingham. The pupils raced their go-kart against 14 other cars in a number of heats. The children, parents and staff had a wonderful day.


All of year 5 were involved in designing the bodywork and build of the electric car. At the event Year 5 won best workbook. The workbook documents the team's progress throughout the project - the build and investigations to understand the technology and engineering of the go-kart.


Well done Year 5 and congratulations on winning the workbook award a reflection of all your hard work. 

Year 5 had a fantastic day making and racing F1 cars with some sixth form students and Mr Harvey at QEFG Faversham. It was such a fun and engaging day.

Investigating the properties of rock


We are electrical conductors