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Tuesday 18th January

Letters and Sounds and Handwriting

Today we are learning the digraph ar. Please watch the video below on mute to read the ar words, then have a go at the sheet below. It reinforces the oo sound we covered yesterday too!


Can you write this simple sentence in your best handwriting

I park the car.

Do not forget your capital letter and your full stop. If you would like a challenge write some more captions and sentences using ar words.

'ar' Words | Phonics Phase 3

View more videos, download resources, read guides and book a consultation at Let's sound out some 'ar' words!If you want yo...


Click on the links below and use the coloured counters to show the number sums on the tens frame. Eg 7+3 can be shown by putting 7 red circles onto the tens frame and 3 yellow circles


Use the fruit and vegetables in your house to make a market stall. Make labels for each vegetable and add a price tag. Then get some real pennies and play market shopping.