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Video introduction to new topic to follow.

A Study of Scandinavia

LO: To explore the geography of Scandinavia.

  • describe the region using geographical language.
  • locate the countries and main cities of Scandinavia.

     Today's topic lesson is an introduction to Scandinavia. I would like you to scroll through the powerpoint slides, and as you look at the images, write a short paragraph to describe the geography of the region. Try to include some of the following geographical language in your paragraph: 

  • Mountainous regions.
  • Lakes
  • Fjords
  • Valleys
  • Forest/woodland
  • Farmland
  • Peninsula
  • Coastal towns/cities
  • Rural communities
  • Climate/weather
  • Northern Europe
  • Landscape
  • Aerial view
  • Glacier

You could begin your paragraph with any of the following openers:

  • I can see that...
  • The pictures show that...
  • I can deduce from the photos of Scandinavia that the region...


Then, looking at a map of the region, try to answer the geographical questions in the attached pdf. If you are not able to print the pdf, just answer the questions on paper. What else would you like to learn about Scandinavia?