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This week we are going to focus on silent letters.

The n sound sometimes has a silent k (knife, knight) or a silent g at the start of it (gnat, gnome)  


The r sound sometimes has a silent w at the start of it as in write, wreck and wren.


Please watch the video clips below to consolidate your silent letter knowledge. Each video clip has two worksheets below it for you to try. The first worksheet is an easy one to practice reading the silent letter words, and the second worksheet is more challenging. Please make sure you do your best handwriting in joined up writing on the second worksheets.


Have a good week and remember that phonics really helps your reading so work hard! 

Mrs Stembridge xx

Activity 1 silent k

Geraldine the Giraffe learns silent k

Activity 2 silent g

Activity 3 silent w

Geraldine the giraffe learns silent w

Activity 5

Can you make your own silent letter grid just like I have below. I wonder how many of each silent letter you can find...


silent k

silent g

silent w











When you have completed your own grid see if you can write some sentences with a silent letter word in. Here are a couple of examples to give you the idea...

 My gnat bite is very itchy.

The gnome was sitting in the garden.

A knight was in the castle.

The wren flew to her nest.


Challenge -I know you have been learning about adjectives so perhaps you could try to improve your sentences by adding an adjective before the silent letter word to make your sentence more interesting for example

My bright red gnat bite is incredibly itchy.

The jolly gnome was sitting in the garden.

A brave knight was in the castle.

The tiny wren flew to her nest.