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I hope you enjoyed listening to the story of our class book, yesterday.

If you would like to watch it again, click on the video to remind yourself of the story.


Today's Lesson Focus:


For today’s lesson we will be using adjectives (describing words) to describe the state of the Earth and to describe your feelings.


Let’s begin the lesson by looking at the following pages:


At last the rocket was ready. But there was nowhere for it to be launched. Everywhere was piled high with heaps of waste from the factories.


Lesson Task:


Have a look at the book images. What words could you use to describe Earth? Can you write them down?

Here are some ideas:

filthy      polluted     dirty    smelly


Can you include some of these describing words in a sentence.


For example:

The Earth was polluted by the smoky chimneys.

The Earth was a dirty rubbish heap.



Perhaps you might like to write a paragraph to describe Earth and how you feel about the state that it is in. Or, draw a picture from these story pages and label it with your describing words.

The end of the lesson:


Let's finish our lesson by reading the next page of the story. 


When he landed on the star the man looked about him.

There was nothing to see. He walked and walked, looking for something to admire.

But still there was nothing.

No trees, no flowers, and not a blade of grass.

Sadly he looked around but the only thing of wonder was another star, far off in the black sky.

“I will go to that star,” said the man, and away he went again in his rocket.


If you like Drama...

I would like you to imagine that you are on the planet and that you are walking around, all on your own. Can you do a freeze frame (a frozen picture) and choose a word to describe how you might be feeling.

Choose from these words: lonely, unhappy, afraid, miserable, bored, frustrated

Think about your body language and your facial expression. Why not send me a picture of your freeze frame?