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Thursday 2 December

Letters and Sounds

Today we are learning the digraph ZZ. A digraph means there are two letters together that make one sound. Here is an Alphablocks video to watch. Can you spot the words the the ZZ digraph in?

Can you make the word wheel below with the help of your grown-up? You can add in your own ZZ words to read.


Today we are learning to write the Z letter. Can you write the word zip on your page today? You could ask your grown-up to draw you some lines for you to write on if you would like more of a challenge. Or you could write It is a zip remembering your full stop and capital letter. 


Today we are going to draw objects on our tens frame. Print off or draw a tens frame on a piece of paper. Can you draw 9 smiley faces on your tens frame? Can you draw 10 birthday candles on your tens frame? Can you draw 9 presents on your tens frame? 


Today we are going to design our own wrapping paper. Can you draw some patterns/pictures on your paper using brightly coloured pens and pencils? You could find some small objects to wrap up. Can you cut the paper using scissors and use Sellotape or masking tape to wrap up the present? Can you make a gift tag and write your teddy's name on it?