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Term 4 - Gazpacho para nacho. La comida and La pascua

Spanish Song For Children - "Hola Hola" (Song Only)

Remember that when we ask a question in Spanish we use an upside down question mark at the beginning"¿" and a normal question mark at the end "?"

Rosie & Andy: Spanish for Kids- Bilingual Music Video - ¿Cómo estás? How are you?

Sing along with Rosie & Andy and have fun learning Spanish!! For more information

Rosie & Andy - Como te llamas? What's your name?

Spanish is fun with Rosie & Andy. Learn What's your name? Como te llamas?

Rojo Amarillo Verde Azul | Red Yellow Green Blue

Los colores

Remember that "veo" means I can see.

Pica-Pica - Veo Veo Un Color

As you listen to the songs listen out for the words

deditos - fingers

Tengo - I have

10 Deditos (Ten Little Fingers in Spanish) | Spanish Numbers Song - Canción de los Números

This term in Year 1 we are going to find out about some foods that are eaten in Spanish speaking countries and think about how they might be different and similar to the food that we eat - I have included some videos, songs and information below to help to support our learning.

Read Out loud: Gazpacho for Nacho by Tracey Kyle

Cancion de las frutas - Fruit

Listen out for the fruit that you enjoy

In Spanish-speaking countries Easter is a big celebration. The celebration is called Semana Santa - Holy Week.


We have enjoyed singing and learning some words for some of the easter symbols that we know and love.

Easter Song in Spanish: Felices Pascuas, Happy Easter | Learn Easter Words & Dance Like a Bunny!

Here is a link to some photos and information about Spanish speaking Easter celebrations

A Mona de Pascua is a special Easter cake - perhaps you could design your own?!