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As most of you already know, our new Computing topic is MAKING SCRATCH QUIZ GAMES! Have a look through this week's lesson PPT to learn about different quiz games, the questions asked and how we are going to make our games.

Activity: Start by picking a theme of your choice...- I would recommend Ancient Egypt to coincide with our topic, but I'm sure lots of you will have your own ideas for quiz games -...a Maths game, Harry Potter, Electricity, desert animals, or even Star Wars (I wonder who might chose a Star Wars game! Any guesses?)


The game must consist of closed questions only - so you must be able to answer them with TRUE or FALSE / YES or NO. Spend today researching your chosen topic and aim to come up with 10 questions that you can use to make your game in the coming weeks.


Please send me a list of your questions (either a document or a photo if they are handwritten) so that I can use these to support you in the coming weeks.

Extension: Let's battle!


How quickly can you type the whole alphabet? Can you beat your best ever score? Can you beat Miss Constantine?

How fast are you?